32 Pcs Professional Makeup Brush Cosmetic Beauty Make Up Brush Set+ Black Pouch Bag Leather Case – Wood Color


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How to Buy Makeup Brushes: * First – realize that you will need several brushes. You will need one, for instance, for powder, one for foundation, one for eye shadow. Dependable on its usage, each brush will be a different size* Second – consider the bristle of your brushes. You can buy good quality synthetic brush fibers* Third – test the bristles. Twirl the bristles on your inner wrist. Ask yourself, how the brush feels, soft or rough* Fourth – spread the brush slightly to see how secure the bristles are, especially noting any stray bristles that have or look about to fall off* Fifth – ask yourself how it feels to hold the brush. Does it fell awkward? Does it feel comfortable and natural?* Sixth – inquire to whether the brush is hypoallergenic. This is especially important if you have sensitive skinHow to Clean Makeup Brushes: * Run the bristles of the makeup brush under warm running water* Apply a small amount of shampoo to bristles and work into a light lather* Rinse bristles thoroughly under running water. You will notice that the water leaving the brush is tinted from old makeup* Continue rinsing until no color leaves the brush* Allow it to air-dryHow to Care for Makeup Brushes: * Dust or wipe off excess makeup left on your brushes after each use. Use a soft cloth or tissue and take care not to pull on the bristles too roughly. Build-up causes brushes to lose effectiveness and the bristles to break down* Store your brushes in a case or bag to keep them dry and prevent dust build-up. Most brush kits come with a special case designed specifically for the brushes. If you don’t have a kit, consider using an eyeglass case for storage* Keep your brushes in a flat or upright position when storing to maintain their shape* Clean makeup brushes regularly using a commercial cleaner or a combination of warm water and mild shampoo. Reshape the bristles after washing and lay flat to dry. Cleaning regularly inhibits bacteria growth and prevents bristle corrosion

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