3in1 Die-cast Motorcycle Launcher



Metal Gear Rising

Die-cast model 3 in 1 racing motorcycle model
Strong sense of body design
Multifunctional selection
It’s really a playable series of toys

1:32 Alloy Catapult Trinity Chariot

Install the catapult motorcycle on both sides of the front to the body of the main vehicle.
Press the two ejection buttons on the front window.
The corresponding direction of the motorcycle will be catapulted out.
Press the button on the body of the main vehicle, and it will produce futuristic sound effects and gorgeous lights.

【Combat Car】With lights and sound on the car, the adventure begins. Enjoy the time of fast and furious.
【Starting Cavalry】Start assault mode. Launches Motorcycles to take down obstacles. Sprint quickly.
【Metal Gear Rising】Metal die cast body. It has both offensive and defensive. Collide and surpass opponents.
【Impact Force】Friction powered, pull back and go ahead. Victory is in sight. Let us triumphant return.
【Special Gift】Great birthday and holiday gift for any cars fan. Collect them, use your imagination and the game begins.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 5 cm


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