433Mhz HC12 Transceiver


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433Mhz HC12 HC-12 SI4463 Wireless Serial Port Module is a multichannel embedded wireless transceiver module with 433.4-473.0HMz working frequency and 100 communication channel, long transmission distance up to 10m in the open air. Stamp holes edge design support SMD installing easy to embed into the application devices.

  • Working Voltage: 3.2-5.5V(If the module work long time and the power supply voltage over 4.5V please concatenate a 1N4007 diode)
  • Default Connunication Distance(approx.): 600m(Maximum conmuincation distance up to 10m, 5000bps baud rate)
  • Idle Current:16mA
  • Working Frequency: 433.4-473MHz
  • Transmitting Power(max.):100mW
  • Default Factory Setting: working mode FU3, baud rate 9600bps, communication channel CH001(433.4M)
  • Size:27.8 X 14.4 X 4mm

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 5 cm


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