8051/ 89sxx Programmer USBasp


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As in the case of AVR microcontrollers, the 8051 microcontrollers such as 89S51/52 can also be programmed using the Avrdude compatible USBASP programming by tweaking the AvrDude configuration settings.

  • The driver installation procedure for the 8051 programmers is the same as that of USBASP for AVR. The same driver file can be used for the driver installation. The drivers can be installed from here. (windows driver –
  • AVRDudeGUI(not normal one – It’s tweaked for 8051 compatibility) which can be downloaded from here can also be used for programming 8051 ICs.
  • Simply select the device as AT89S51, browse the hex file for writing and press Execute button. The selected file will be burnt to the 8051 microcontroller connected to the USBASP port.

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