Arduino-Compatible VISduino UNO R3


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This can 2nd version of the customized arduino-compatible UNO R3 board, fully compatible with the arduino official version, but replaced some expensive parts and more extra pins lead out. Cost down but maybe better performance.

  • CH340 VIS Duino Driver Download.
  • Replace the expensive 16u2 USB-TTL IC to CH340 IC, cost nearly half, and can avoid the 16u2 driver compatibility problem which found on some win7/win8 OS.
  • Replace the main IC atmega 328 PTH to atmega SMD QFP.
  • Replace the large USB-B to modem USB micro USB.
  • Reserved extra male pins holes, so both female and male pins available on board.
  • Reserved another 2×4 pin holes, next to ISCP, pins includes: TX, RX, VCC, GND, IIC-SCL, IIC-SDA
  • All the rest features are kept the same as the official version.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 3 cm


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