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Diy Spatial Creativity is a functional educational toy for the DIY category. The constructors of this brand represent a variety of vehicles, from the truck to the construction crane and ambulances. Collecting them from the details, the child learns according to the principles of Stem : spatial thinking and counting, also training fine motor skills. This is a fun and creative game!

The garbage truck LM8041-SZ-1 consists of 27 colorful parts. It is equipped with a cross-shaped and flat screwdriver for easy assembly and disassembly of the toy. Collecting this garbage truck, the child learns how it works. Cabin and body hatches open, and the body itself capsizes, helping the child invent his own game. The garbage truck is capable of making alarm sounds when a button on the bumper is pressed.

Power: 3 x AG13 (included)

Develop motor skills

Game with constructors effectively develop fine motor skills and assembly skills
Using designer parts and assembly tools, a child can disassemble and repair these cars again and again, enjoying the results of their work and imagination
Bright and safe toy

The design of the toy is thought out to the smallest details, and the absence of sharp corners and high quality ABS plastic ensure a safe game
Sorting details by color and shape helps the child concentrate, thus training patience
The fun continues

The pleasure of the toy does not end at the assembly, because the mass of interactive games with the finished machine follow
Discover new routes and tasks, both in an individual game, and in a game with friends
This is a great idea for giving your child a holiday or birthday.

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