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Happy Dog Supreme Sensible Ireland is a special dry food for adult dogs with normal energy requirements starting at 11 kg. Thanks to its valuable ingredients and the total absence of protein from lamb and poultry, as well as rice, soy or wheat, it is also very suitable for animals with food intolerances. The delicate salmon and the tasty rabbit are very digestible sources of animal protein and provide sufficient energy. This food is produced with a delicate procedure and its protein and caloric intake is studied on the basis of the special needs of dogs with food sensitivity. In shape and size, the croquettes are very suitable for the teeth of dogs belonging to medium and large breeds.

All the features of Happy Dog Supreme Sensible Ireland:

  • complete food for adult dogs starting from 11 kg
  • ideal even in case of food intolerances
  • with fine proteins: digestible salmon and delicious rabbit as healthy sources of animal protein
  • without potential allergenic factors such as protein from lamb and poultry, rice, soy and wheat
  • protein and energy intake suitable for the conscious feeding of dogs with food sensitivity
  • specific croquettes for the teeth of medium and large dogs
  • Happy Dog Natural Life Concept: offers optimal support and is suitable for metabolism thanks to the use of natural products with properties and functional substances for a complete support of the dog’s organism, from the immune system to the skin and the hair:

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 5 cm


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