L298 2Amp Motor Driver Shield For Arduino


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L298 2Amp Motor Driver Shield for Arduino is based on L298 motor driver integrated circuit, a full- bridge motor driver. It can drive two seperate 2A DC motors or 1 2A step motor. Motor’s velocity and directions can be controlled separately and also there are 6 connectors connected to Arduino analog pins. This motor driver shield with PWM speed control mode and the PLL mode, using jumper to switch.


  • input voltage : 5V
  • Onboard buzzer (D4), can set the astern alarm ringtone.
  • It has six digital interface that are not occupied(including D2 , D3 , D5 , D6 , D7 , D9)
  • It has six analog interfaces(A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5)
  • It has indicator for forward and backward changing direction .

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