Metal Body Toyota Tundra with Light Effects



A metal inertial car of the Toyota brand from a domestic manufacturer will interest only children, but also collectors of high-quality car models. The machine looks realistic, detailed and carefully detailed. During the game, small motorists will be able to open the doors and see how the interior is executed. And lighting effects will make the game more interesting and believable.

Size: 6 inches


– Toyota will be a great gift for a small connoisseur of cars.
– The model has a metal casing with some items , made of plastic. Therefore, the toy will please with its durability.
– The car body is carefully painted in a bright color, the car has a realistic appearance.
– The machine is beautifully detailed, which makes it interesting for collecting.
– Thanks to the careful study of the elements, you can consider the wipers, mirrors, door handles.
– The front doors of the machine open, so you can look inside the cabin.
– The machine is equipped with lighting effects, which makes the game more spectacular.
– The car has movable wheels, equipped with an inertial mechanism, so that it can be given acceleration.
– Thanks to the typewriter, the kids will come up with interesting stories for the game, revealing their imagination and developing hand motor skills.
– The product is made of metal and impact-resistant plastic, painted with dyes that are harmless to the health of children.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 6 cm


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