Towel Badminton racket Grip


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Soft Absorb sweat Eliminate slipping Risk Thetwomain uses are to add tackiness (stickiness)andto increase sweat absorption. Other purposes are for the expansion of the circumference of thegrip ,andfor adding more paddingorcushioning. There are also differentcolors andpatterns onovergripsfor styleandcosmetic alterationsThe most commonly usedgripis the orthodox forehandgrip . Most players changegripsduring a rally depending on whether it is a forehandorbackhand shot. Agripis also the wrapping around the handle of the racquethe CST MALL replacement grip is the bestseller in the world.This replacement grip is ultra-absorbent and offers maximum comfort thanks to its nanotechnology and its molecular particlesTheCST MALL replacement gripis number 1 in the PAKISTAN.

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